The Seasons Restaurant starts a new journey in a unique location: the Plaça Corsini in Tarragona, next to the City's Central Market and the Colony Forum of Roman heritage.Diners will be able to taste the gastronomic proposals of Xavi Fernàndez with views of the spectacular modernist building of the architect Josep Maria Pujol i de Barberà, inaugurated in 1915.Located in the first floor of number 10 in Plaça Corsini, the new restaurant room pays tribute to Xavi Fernàndez's memories cuisine: diaphanous, decorated from the love for gastronomy and designed for enjoyment with the five senses. Diners will be able to see closely how the chef culminates the dishes from the open kitchen located in the center of the space. One of the privileged corners will be reserved, designed to transport you to the cellars and vineyards that we find in the territory and that combine with car and excellence the gastronomic proposals of the chef. You can taste the dishes surrounded by barrels and bottles, sitting on a large wooden table in an exclusive and discreet space.



The new site is not the result of chance. The restaurant is just a few meters from the epicenter of the local and seasonal product in the city of Tarragona. Fish, meats, vegetables and fruits arrive daily at the Central Market to supply Tarragona's citizens and the cuisine of the Seasons Restaurant.Just 50 meters from the doors of the Seasons Restaurant you can visit the remains of the Colony Forum. It was the nerve center of the Roman City, where all the public activity of the city was concentrated, so it became a meeting point of the local elites as well.The restaurant's terrace is located in Plaça Corsini, a space full of life, where gastronomy coexists with the daily life of the people of Tarragona who daily walk, play or meet friends and family in some corner of the square.

Taula per a dues persones amb vistes a la cuina oberta del Restaurant Seasons
Taula per a dues persones amb vistes a la cuina oberta del Restaurant Seasons