Chef Xavi Fernàndez's experience backs it up. His contact with the stoves began at an early age. At just fourteen, he was already cooking with his grandmother at home, an apprenticeship that sowed the seeds of his love for traditional cuisine.His professional career began in the industrial world, following the family tradition, although he never lost his passion for cooking. Quite the opposite: for Xavi, cooking every day was essential, almost a necessity. So, inviting friends or family to his home was the perfect excuse to get into the kitchen and start making a meal that would surprise them.Finally, it was time to devote himself professionally to what he loved to do and he obtained his qualification as chef at Bellart, the first cookery school in Barcelona. During this training stage he already opened his first restaurant in Torredembarra, La Quilla D'en Xavier, and two years later, he became Head Chef at the Club Nàutic de Cambrils.



With this professional background, it was time to embark on a new and exciting adventure and make a dream come true. The Seasons restaurant, inaugurated in February 2020, is an exciting project that both Chef Xavi Fernàndez and his wife, Sílvia, had been thinking about for some time.To own a cosy restaurant, offering local cuisine, where the produce is the protagonist and where seasonality is respected. To prepare dishes that play with tradition and modernity. Expressing all our grandmothers’ and mothers’ knowledge, without forgetting the most innovative gastronomic techniques.Chefs Santi Santamaria and Pep Nogué, among others, have served as inspiration and motivation for this Seasons Restaurant chef in order to materialize his project in which he is immersed and which he invites you to experience first-hand.Xavi's favourite dishes will never fail: rice dishes, fish casseroles or wood-fire roast meats.